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OSHA/Heart Saver Bloodborne Pathogens Course

This course is designed to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements when used with site-specific training.

Intended Audience
The AHA developed the OSHA/Heart Saver Bloodborne Pathogens Course for people with limited or no medical training who need training in how to protect themselves and their co-workers from bloodborne pathogens.

Anyone who needs or wants to have a Heart Saver Bloodborne Pathogens card can take this course.

Course Description
This training course has 2 parts.

  • The first, or general, part of the training consists of the material presented in your manual and the lesson maps.

  • The second part is training that students must receive on their employer's site-specific exposure control plan.

The exposure control plan is a set of rules and procedures specific to a workplace. The plan is designed to protect employees from being exposed to bloodborne pathogens and how to stay safe when they come in contact with blood or blood-containing materials. Your employer will provide this additional information.

Student Materials

Each student will have a copy of the Heart Saver Bloodborne Pathogens Course workbook.

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