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1. Where are the classes held?

Our staff can provide training at your site anywhere in Maryland, Washington D.C. and most parts of Virginia

We have two training centers to serve you

Maryland: Health Technicians Training Center
8720 Georgia Ave. Suite 302
Silver Spring Md. 20910
Office: (301) 890-0575

Washington, DC: Health Technicians
1629 K St. N.W. #300
Washington, DC 20006
Office: (301) 890-0575


2. What is Health Tech's mission?

HTI's mission is to help save lives by educating the public in CPR methods, nutrition, and first aid, thereby ensuring a healthier and safer environment and lifestyle. It is staffed with CPR instructors and instructor trainers who work as nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and other health-related service fields. They have many years of experience teaching CPR and emergency medical care. We have been providing this training for the past fifteen years.

3. What current emergency medical courses does Health Tech offer?

  • Department of Transportation First Responder program

  • The Automatic External Defibrillator ( AED ) program

  • First Aid in the Workplace

  • American Heart Association First Aid programs

  • American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR

  • American Heart Association BLS Healthcare providers CPR

4. Are Health Tech's CPR and AED training courses nationally accredited?

Yes, we provide nationally recognized American Heart Association CPR & AED programs.

5. How do I get started?

 a. Look at our online listing of upcoming classes.

 b. Download the registration form & follow the online instructions.

 c. Call our office for more details about any of our programs: 301-890-0575

6. Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate for all of our training programs.


7. Can the courses be customized to meet the needs of my worksite?

Health Technicians can customize training programs to meet your needs.

Flexible Scheduling

 a. Classes will be scheduled frequently enough on various days and shifts to accommodate all your staffs’ needs.

 b. Classes can be held at your facility for your staff of eight or more.

 c. Classes can also be held at our training center.

8. What is the duration of a class?

The duration of any program is dependent upon the type of class you are taking. Call the office for further details.

9. Where can I find information regarding your fees for the class?

The fees for CPR and First Aid are posted online. However, if you would like information on fees for other programs, please call our office.

10. Refunds / No shows

No refunds on scheduled classes. If you are unable to attend a class that you have scheduled and paid for please notify HTI. We will reschedule you for the next available class.

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