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Emergency Preparedness Course

Emergency Preparedness course will provide a complete overview step by step on what to do in an emergency.

  1. How to use materials in a Preparedness Kit.

  2. Storage of supplies


Learn how to prepare for, and respond to disaster events to include:

  1. Earthquakes

  2. Residential fires

  3. Hurricane and more


What to have a a minimum, the basic supplies in an Emergency preparedness Kit.

How to consider the needs of all family members.

What additional supplies to keep at home or in your kit based on the types of disasters common to your area:

How to plan what to do in case you are separated during an emergency


How to plan what to do if you have to evacuate

Learn what disasters or emergencies may occur in your area. Learn symptoms and treatment for basic First aid emergencies.

Call HTI office for complete details and minimum number of participants needed per course

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